From Europe we deliver via air freight free of charge from a minimum of 500 pieces in any country in the world. The video tapes and Part I of the book are available in both German and English, Part II and Part III of the book available in German, only.

We cooperate with one of the biggest video copy factories in Europe, which is equipped with brand new technology. We are able to deliver all items with best service within 2-4 weeks time - depending on order situation - to your home country.

We and the manufacturer guarantee a 100% replacement of products in case of legitimate query. Our copy partner will give you more information..

The products are wrapped in carton and will be sent via air freight by a big forwarding agency. Delivery on schedule is possible in any country.

The video tapes are shrink-wrapped. They have a 4-coloured cover including both a description and stickers for the tape. The video tapes are packaged in cardboard boxes and will be delivered on pallet.

Please name your nearest airport which we can deliver to and at which you can clear the products by yourself.

Due to bad experiences we deliver abroad only on condition of advance payment. Ordering our products you will receive a 6% discount for advance payment on the total of items you order. Please, add a transfer form to your orders.

Discount table (per number of items):

pcs./ title
30 %
35 %

With a guaranteed order of 2000 pieces => 55% discount.

If you guarantee a larger purchase it is also possible to order smaller amounts of items. (e.g. get highest discount per title on condition that you guarantee large order.)

There is an additional discount of 6% for advance payment or liquidity guarantee.

Set price for the Legend of Atlantis 99.- Euro
Single tape 24.- Euro
Set price for UFO-Series 79.- Euro
Single tape 19,90 Euro
Book - The Legend of Atlantis Part I 20.- Euro

Air freight free of charge from 500 pieces world wide. Delivery time 2-4 weeks with prior consultation of video copy factory and acknowledgement of receipt of payment.

Prompt credit transfer to our wholesaler's department, only.

We ask all wholesalers not to order from Terra Entertainment or any other US-Distributor any longer, as they produce pirate copies. This company made unauthorized copies. The case is being prosecuted at the moment.

To keep customs costs low (7.- Euro per tape), you will only be charged for the manufacturing costs from the video copy factory. You will receive the invoice for the total amount with the delivery. It will be considered as paid.